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How to view order history



  • Haroun zubair

    Sorry but i am not able to see it this way as you said.

  • Verna Villanueva

    The images does not show. 

  • Tanju Tolksdorf

    there are no three lines to click to see the order history. I am waiting since over a week for the payment on metamask

  • Tanju Tolksdorf

    Hello, as you do not reply to support requests and the status of the transfer is unknown after more than a week, I have no choice but to set in motion chargeable enquiries via my bank. If no satisfactory solutions and answers are found, I have no choice but to involve the police and report the loss of my money.

  • Jgpalacios7

    Hi all!

    I was able to access my order history by following this video!

    Hope it helps! 

  • jose angel martinez
     HELP i dont know what to do 
  • jose angel martinez

    i tried to buy some eth but this happend, what ca i do? 


  • anghel.raducu

    I bought for 950 euros and the transaction didn't work. Then I bought for 500 euros and it worked. But the money was taken from his account and I don't see any money in the application.Why

  • Cameron Green

    This is a legit company. I apologize for not following the process to seek a refund for the transaction I tried to complete. Technology is tricky. After I submitted a ticket which you will find a link for once you have signed into your account. If you don't have one create one. The link at the top of the page located next your name is SUBMIT A TICKET. Click that link and make sure you included a screenshot of your transaction if the crypto you purchased was never received. I contacted them and I was told to wait 5-7 business days. They refunded the money on the credit card I used through Ledger Live through Transak. They are legit. Create your account and submit a ticket. Add a screenshot and transaction ID and the address it was suppose to go to. My transaction also said pending to. Go to and create and click the submit a ticket link next to your name at the top right corner the of the page. If it's still pending the transaction never completed. I received my refund.


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