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KYC on Transak



  • Errol Pena

    Why do you need ID, SSN, and all of this personal information? Doesn't this potentially compromise customer's personal data and put them at risk of Identity Fraud?

  • Mac

    Liveness check doesn't work. Will you guys get this fixed? So much headaches with you guys!

  • Oyowhaire ogbe

    I can't setup my profile for kyc, it's not bringing out my country(Nigeria­čç│­čçČ)

  • Erica Jackson

    Why is it taking forever to verify???

  • Mateusz Smole┼ä

    What's wrong with verify.....Waiting 36h.....

  • Ugochukwu Umeakubuike

    I can't set up my Country Nigeria... It's only displaying United States of America

  • Cosmin

    For me also it's taking forever to get a ticked reponded.. i put it almost a week ago.. and did not get a response except that the team will get back to me in 24 hours.. they (Transak) are pretty shity at keepeng their customers.

  • Abdul Sattar Ismail Mistry

    Why my country name is not showing

  • James Przybylski

    Kyc is not completing after submitting ID and no email gets sent to me with the link

  • James Przybylski

    KYC does not complete set up. After submitting ID it states an email with link will be sent. But, NO email ever comes in.

  • Yuliia

    where to click to pass verification?

  • Klaus Jensen

    Kyc is not completing after submitting ID????

  • Sarvesh

    My KYC was pending for 1 day and after I submitted a ticket, I got a response within 30 minutes. That's impressive!

  • Marcel Sanchez

    How can I register an address from a different country? I can select a different country for a cell phone number but not for the personal info

  • Xiang Zhou

    Hi, my KYC was pending over 24 hours and submitted a ticket and ticket has been there for 4 hours, but still didn't get response, would somebody take a look?

  • Kimloon Sim


  • Victor Walker

    Where do I go to finish KYC setup?

  • piotr inglot

    everytime i try to up date my id the option for this is unavailable. how can i resolve this


  • Cs3 Cz

    How can i reapply for the kyc? My application was rejected for unknown reason.

  • Vesma Dimits

    Is my application rejected?


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