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How can I cancel my existing order? (Video)



  • Francis John coleman

    please stop my order,I ordered £50 not £500 please help me to cancel the order before it's too late goes through

  • André Meireles

    I made a sepa trasfer yesterday, but I don´t know how to get it to metamask. I think I have made some mistake... 

  • Cameron Green

    My purchase is still pending. I don't how Ledger Live allows this company to associate themselves with the Nano project. It's been over 3hrs since March 23 2022 11:11:11 pm. 

  • ibrahim K

    We have been trying to cancel the order for 3 days.

    All they said to me was "We appreciate your patience and will make sure the cryptocurrency is sent as soon as possible."

    There is an order cancel button in the video here as well. But I did not see such a cancel button, because it does not exist. They make fools of people outright.

  • Martin Young

    I cancelled my order yesterday as it kept saying mending the cancellation was successful but haven't received any money back can anyone help?


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