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What is Offramp and how does it work on Transak
What is Offramp and how does it work on Transak
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What is Offramp in Crypto?

Off-ramps for cryptocurrencies function exactly the same way that on-ramps do. They provide a means of converting cryptocurrencies into money or, perhaps, goods and services.

A user needs choices to get out of cryptocurrencies just as much as they need to pay with fiat to purchase in. In order to do this, they must either exchange it back into fiat, which is still the main form of payment in the majority of the world or use their cryptocurrency to make purchases.

Procedure to perform an offramp transaction on Transak / Partner of Transak.

1) Login to

2) Select the Sell option on the main page

3) Choose the type of crypto, fiat currency and the quantity

4) Click on sell now

Currently, you can sell BTC, ETH, USDT & AVAX etc on transak.

Find more information here about coverage and payment modes - Link


Login with your Registered email id

Note -

1) You will need to enter the OTP received on the same email id

2) You will be prompted to complete your KYC if you are a 1st time user on Transak.


Choose / Enter the bank details where you would like to receive the fiat amount.

Note -

Please ensure that the bank details entered by you are correct and the account belongs to you only. Money once transferred cannot be refunded!


If not already added, you can add your bank details here, the view may change according to your region.


Review your details and click confirm.


Kindly confirm the disclaimer and click "I Understand the Risk".


Capture the wallet address mentioned here and transfer the crypto, select I have paid once the transaction is successful.


Once you confirm the payment, your order will be processed asap.

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