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How to make payment using Google Pay
How to make payment using Google Pay
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Google pay transaction flow:

Select the amount, fiat currency, payment method, and cryptocurrency:

Select google pay as a payment method, and click 'See Calculation' for a breakdown of the price you pay and any fees. 'Slippage' tells you how the price is, compared to the market price.

'Processing Time' is how long your payment takes for that payment method.


Enter your wallet address.

You can get this from your wallet. If are using Transak from your wallet then your address will be automatically populated here.


Login to Transak:

Enter the registered email id and the OPT, sent to the registered email id.

If the KYC is already completed, the next step will be payment processing. Else, it will be redirected to the KYC page to complete the KYC.


Check the details and confirm

To initiate the payment we have to cross-check the wallet address, amount, and payment method, read the terms and conditions, and give the authority to checkout to deduct money from the card/bank. Then click on the ‘confirm’ button.

***Google pay payment will be processed through the checkout and the payment can be made only through cards.


Risk message:


Payment page:

Click on the ‘Pay with GPay’ button to initiate the payment


Payment Window:

A new window will open to start the payment procedure.

Here we have to enter the card details including the card number, CVV, and expiry date, and click on the ‘PAY’ button.


Verify the OPT to complete the payment:

OPT will be sent to the registered mobile number. We have to enter the OPT to complete the order. After verifying the OPT, the amount will be deducted through Checkout and the order will be completed

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